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Program Ministry

The program ministry serves as a central clearinghouse where leaders of church auxiliaries guide the planning, coordination, conducting and evaluation of the planned activities of each auxiliary in the church. The committee depends on each auxiliary to implement the church's program according to the plans submitted and approved by the program committee.


Membership includes a representative from the church's Deacon Board, and the chairperson (or representative) from each auxiliary of the church: mission, ushers, choirs, youth, deaconess, brotherhood, board of directors, and other committees as needed to constitute a minimum of nine members (or other odd number). The pastor is an ex-officio member of all committees and auxiliaries of the church.


Programs Committee

 Chair           Sis. Helen Harris

Secretary    Sis. Shirley Harris-Jackson 



Sis. Evelynia Graves

Sis. Mattie Wells

Sis. Lisa Williams

Sis. Verna Williams

Sis. LaToshie Richardson

Sis. Sherlyn Rice

Deacon James Dennis


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