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Music Ministry


Bro. Arthur Curry

Minister of Music, Pianist, Organist, Musical Director, Singer and Performer, and Music Teacher.  Over 25 years of service at Mt. Rose Missionary Baptist Church.

The music ministry of Mt. Rose Missionary Baptist Church is always to be remembered in the spirit of Colossians 3:16 and other related scriptures that characterize the purpose of sacred music performed in the church.


The music ministry consists of a adult choir, youth choir, a male chorus, organist, pianist, and a percussionist.  The music ministry functions generally under the guidance of the pastor, aided by the deacons.  This guidance pertains to choir or chorus-level leadership, music selected for presentation, style of presentation, special worship services, rehearsal schedules, attire, and decorum.


Praise Team


(left to right) Sis. Jeron Crathers, Rev. Vincent Williams, Sis. Lisa Williams.

Youth Musicians


(left to right) Bro. Joshua Lewis (percussionist), Bro. Johnathan Lewis (pianist).

Youth Choir (Youth Choir Director - Sis. Lisa Williams)


Adult Choir

Adult Choir 2_edited.jpg

(1st row, left to right)  Rev. Geneva Kallie (Secretary), Sis. LaToshia Richardson, Sis. LaSandra Sanders, Sis. Cookie Carter, Sis. Jacqueline Mays, Sis. Stephanie Murithi, Sis. Lisa Williams, Bro. Arthur Curry (Director of Music).  

(2nd row) Deacon Wilbert Crathers, Deacon Dennis Sanders, Sis. Jeron Crathers, Deacon Joseph Graves, Rev. Vincent Williams, Bro. Edward Clark, Bro. Tommy Williams, Sis. Billie Blackshire.

Male Chorus

Male Choir_edited.jpg

(left to right, 1st row)  Bro. Edward Clark, Bro. Tommy Williams (Secretary). 


(2nd row) Deacon Joseph Graves (President), Rev. Vincent Williams.


(3rd row)  Deacon Dennis Sanders (Vice President),  Deacon Wilbert Crathers, Bro. Warren Holmes, Bro. Arthur Curry (Director of Music).  

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