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Mt. Rose MBC

"One Church, Two Locations"

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Mt Rose - Mt Seriah Website Banner b.jpg
An Abbreviated History
Mt. Rose Missionary Baptist Church was formally organized in 1868 and is the oldest African American baptist church in Brenham and one of the first in Washington County.  Like Mt. Rose, Mt. Seriah Missionary Baptist Church has a long and storied history as well (although it is largely unwritten), beginning with its formation in 1891. 
Due to dwindling congregations and financial instability, in 2017 the Mt. Seriah MBC congregation requested that its church, facilities, and membership transfer over to Mt. Rose MBC.  In 2018 the Mt. Rose MBC congregation accepted Mt. Seriah's request, and in 2019 Mt. Seriah MBC was legally transferred to Mt. Rose MBC.
Mt. Rose MBC continues to offer a full range of worship services at its Main Campus on Kerr Street, while the Mt. Seriah Campus focuses on offering early Sunday morning worship services for Blinn College students and the surrounding community.  The Pastor of Mt. Rose MBC, Rev. (Dr.) John D. Harris, serves as pastor for both campuses.  However, Mt. Rose will designate a lead minister, TBD, to oversee worship services at the Mt. Seriah campus.
For detailed histories of each church, click on the respective church photo above.
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