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Given health officials' guidance during this coronavirus pandemic, Mt. Rose MBC and its Mt. Seriah campus will be holding online worship services (no in-person services will be held at either church).


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We are so delighted and blessed that you are visiting our website.  Thank God for this opportunity to welcome you to our fellowship. 


If you are looking for a church in the Brenham community, our doors are always open to you.  This is truly a place where you can grow and build in the Kingdom of God.

If you have not accepted Christ as your Savior, allow us the opportunity to introduce you to Him so that you can enjoy an abundant life here and eternally. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to visit our site often for Christian inspiration for living, highlights, calendar events, Bible information, etc.  Our goal is to communicate the Word of God and provide the opportunity for members to use their spiritual gifts to minister to people in need and make disciples for Christ.

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Teleconference Bible Study Lesson  - "The One Revealed in Scripture"
Scripture - Luke 24: 13-27, 30-32
(April 8 @ 7:00 p.m., CDT)
To Participate Via Video Conference:  Click Here For Detailed Instructions
To Participate Via Audio Only:  Dial 605-562-0400, Then Enter PIN 1993293#)
Time Period: A.D. 30
Place: on the road to Emmaus

Unbeknownst to them, two disciples of Jesus got a lesson in prophetic Scripture from the most preeminent expert in Bible prophecy—Jesus Christ!

These disciples needed some interpretation. They had believed that Jesus was the Christ, but after His crucifixion they were unsure (Luke 24:21). The cross had caught them by surprise. Their view of the Messiah did not include what they had just witnessed in Jerusalem. They had hoped Jesus would redeem Israel and set up His throne. But now He was dead, and so were their hopes.

The problem was their misunderstanding of messianic prophecy. They had read those parts of Scripture that told about Christ reigning in glory and power, but had overlooked the parts that indicated Christ had to die.

Proper biblical interpretation can clear away our false assumptions. Our ideas about God, Christ, reality, and ourselves are often formed not by Scripture itself, but by our own ideas that we read into Scripture.

This is why careful Bible study matters. It clears away false assumptions and asks, "What does the text say?" When we answer that question, we are then ready to answer the next one: "What does the text mean by what it says?" How you interpret the Bible matters. Become a careful student of the Bible.

Research and Discussion

1. What are some possible reasons why the men in this passage could not recognize Jesus (Luke 24:16)?

2. Why might Jesus have acted as though He was not aware of the events at that time (vss. 17-19)?

3.  The men took time to explain what was going on. Why were they disappointed (vs. 21)?

4. Jesus specifically told His disciples that He would rise from the dead on the third day. Some women told of the empty grave. What kept the men on the road to Emmaus from making the connection (vss. 21-24)?

5. Think of a time when you felt as if the Lord was not in the midst of your circumstances. Describe the moment when your eyes were opened and you realized that God was there all along (vs. 31).

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