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Education Ministry

A viable education ministry is of major importance to Mt. Rose Missionary Baptist Church.  This ministry encompasses several programs which operate under the auspices of the Superintendent of Sunday School and the Pastor.  The main purposes of these programs are to reach persons for Bible study, teach the Bible, witness to persons about Christ and lead them into church membership, minister to persons in need, lead members to worship, and train members for leadership roles in the church.  Programs within the purview of the Education Ministry include:


  • Sunday School

  • Bible Study

  • Vacation Bible School

  • Baptist Training Union

  • Youth and Adult Leadership Training

  • New Member Orientation

  • FUDA Conference



Sunday School



Sis. Lisa Williams


Assistant Superintendent

Sis. Cheryl DaBera


Preschool Teacher

Sis. Sativa Taylor


Primary Teacher

Sis. Lisa Williams


Senior Youth Teacher

Sis. Cheryl DaBera


Adult Teachers

Sis. Helen Harris

Deacon Craig Lewis

Sis. Lillian Marshall

Bro. Eric Murithi

Sis. Sherlyn Rice

Bro. Cecil Webster

Bro. James Williams


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