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Deaconess Ministry

(Left to right - Helen Harris, Marsha Webster, Lillian Marshall, Jeron Crathers, Margaret Harrison, Delores Wright, LaSandra Sanders.

Not pictured: Joye Lewis and Evelynia Graves)


Like deacons, deaconesses are selected for unlimited terms of office by the congregation.  Deaconesses assist the deacons and the pastor in promoting the spiritual welfare of the congregation.  Their duties include, but is not limited to, preparation of the elements (bread and wine) for the Lord's Supper, preparing female candidates for baptism, and visiting the sick and shut-in.




Sis. Jeron Crathers

Sis. Evelynia Graves

Sis. Helen Harris

Sis. Margaret Harrison

Sis. Joye Lewis

Sis. Lillian Marshall

Sis. LaSandra Sanders

Sis. Marsha Webster

Sis. Delores Wright

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