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Brotherhood Ministry

The Brotherhood is one of a number of mutually supporting pastoral ministries at Mt. Rose Missionary Baptist Church.  The Brotherhood’s reason for existence is to be useful servants to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to our church, and to our community.  In this vein the Brotherhood focuses its efforts in ameliorating an area of great concern it witnesses every day -- too many men in general, and young men in particular, are not realizing their full potential in their academic, social and professional pursuits.  The Brotherhood believes that this problem exists in large part because of a lack of positive role models and mentors of high moral character and Christ-like behavior in the lives of these young men.



Although not perfect as is our Father in Heaven, the Brotherhood, through deed and action, aspires to minister to and fellowship with other brethren, regardless of church status or Christian belief, in hope that this ministry will lead more men to a Christ-like lifestyle.  Ultimately, the Brotherhood looks forward to welcoming these brethren into the church and its ministry, thereby enabling it to more effectively support other ministries in the church, to grow the church, and to extend the church’s missionary vision.  



Brotherhood Officers



Deacon Joseph Graves



Deacon Craig Lewis


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