Board of Directors

In accordance with the congregation-approved church By-Laws, the Board of Directors (or Trustees) is responsible for administering and managing the "business" matters of the church, including financial concerns, legal issues, and real property management.  The Board of Directors is composed of nine members who are elected by the congregation and serve three (3) year terms.

J Dennis 2.jpg
Deacon James E. Dennis Jr.
F Ray.jpg
Sis. Frances Ray
(Church Treasurer)
D Sanders 2.jpg
Deacon Dennis Sanders
(Vice President)
Nelson Daniels_edited.jpg
Bro. Nelson Daniels
(Financial Secretary)
C DaBera.jpg
Sis. Cheryl DaBera
J Mays.jpg
Sis. Jacqueline Mays
Billie Blackshire_edited_edited.jpg
Sis. Billie Blackshire
Eddie Harrison 2.jpg
Deacon Eddie Harrison
M Wells_edited.jpg
Sis. Mattie Wells