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Deacon Ministry

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Deacons (left to right): Craig Lewis, Joseph Graves, Eddie Harrison, James Dennis Jr, Dennis Sanders, Wilbert Crathers, Ernest Webb, and James Williams.

Not Pictured - Deacon Nelson Daniels.


As specified in Acts 6 and 1 Timothy 3, deacons are special assistants to the pastor.  They perform duties that are delegated to them by the pastor and the congregation.  Deacons are elected and ordained by the congregation, with the recommendation of the pastor, and they serve continuous and uninterrupted terms.  A short list of the duties of Mt. Rose Missionary Baptist Church deacons include:


●     Support and assist the Pastor in the conduct of Sunday services and special programs.

●     Support and assist the Pastor in the conduct of the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of each month.

●     Maintain ministerial oversight of church ministries, auxiliaries, committees, and programs.

●     Continuously review church membership and monitor church attendance.

●     Maintain oversight and usage of church facilities, including for funerals and weddings.

●     Monitor building maintenance activities and needs.

●     Maintain the church van and support auxiliaries’ use thereof.

●     Review future church needs and the role of deacons in fulfilling those needs.



Deacon Ministry



Deacon Wilbert Crathers


Vice President

Deacon Joseph Graves



Deacon Craig Lewis



Deacon James Dennis

Deacon Eddie Harrison

​Deacon Dennis Sanders

Deacon Ernest Webb

Bro James Williams

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