Bible Study Lesson Outline


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UNIT I: Provisions 

2-Sep    Exodus 16:2-15, "God Provides Manna and Quail"

9-Sep    Exodus 17:1-7, "God Provides Water From a Rock"

16-Sep  Exodus 17:8-16, "God Gives Victory Over the Amalekites"

23-Sep  Exodus 18:13-26, "God Provides Judges to Help Moses"


UNIT II: Instructions 

30-Sep  Exodus 19:1-9, "God's First Instructions to Israel"

7-Oct    No Bible Study Class

14-Oct  Exodus 20:1-17, "God Gives the Ten Commandments"

21-Oct  Exodus 24:1-11, "God Confirms the Covenant"

28-Oct  Exodus 24:12-18, "God Meets Moses Alone"


UNIT III: Correction 

  4-Nov  Exodus 32:1-14, "The People Sin Against God"

11-Nov  Exodus 32:15-24, "God Confronts the Sin"

18-Nov  Exodus 32:25-25, "God Judges the Sin"

25-Nov  Exodus 33:12-23, "Moses’ Audacious Request" (Self-Study)

25-Nov  Exodus 34:27-35, "Moses Reflects God's Glory" (Self-Study)

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